Boards for Corrections of Military Records

Telephone or office consultations of 30-45 minutes are provided without charge. These consultations are intended to provide information regarding laws and processes, and legal advice cannot be given until an attorney client relationship is established. 


Mr. Walluk charges $200 per hour for time spent in each individual case, including case review, research, document drafting and appearances. He frequently is required to travel to Dallas for MSPB hearings and to various border cities and military installations for disciplinary and removal action representation. Travel time is charged at a reduced rate and necessary travel expenses are paid by the client. The fees charged by Mr. Walluk are at the low-end of rates charged by other less experienced attorneys for these same services and have remained at the same rate for the last several years.


New clients often want to send their personal files on matters for review without prior consultation. The practice is not normally approved and review does not begin until fees are resolved. Mr. Walluk will ordinarily establish a set maximum fee for initial review of the case with the option of proceeding with further representation or involvement if the client chooses.


Please consider Mr. Walluk when you find you are at a point in a legal matter where you clearly need an experienced attorney to assist you.


Army spouse denied SBP because husband failed to make appropriate timely notifications after the divorce was granted.  Husband had continued paying premiums and left former wife’s SSAN on record.  BCMR granted SBP for former wife with back pay, stopped payments to second wife.

Air Force officer spouse declined SBP in divorce. Wrong form was filed and DFAS was taking out premiums.  BCMR agreed, directed DFAS to return all premiums paid.


Air Force 0-4 retired at 15 years due to promotion failure. Legal issues challenging promotion board instructions filed in other federal court cases. BCMR denied application for correction of records.  Case filed in US Claims Court.  Result was retroactive promotion to 0-5, retirement at 26 years and back pay.

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